Jerry believes in patient centered healthcare, not government centered healthcare. The Biden Administration’s heavy-handed, one-size-fits-all approach to the pandemic has failed. Jerry has listened to the scientists, and he understands that Americans should have the freedom to utilize the entire range of pandemic solutions- not only the vaccine, but also antivirals and other treatments, in order to move past the pandemic. Jerry believes that every person should have the full freedom to decide whether a vaccine or any other treatment is right for them, and have the freedom to choose to take the treatment protocol recommended by their doctor.

Our healthcare issues go well-beyond the pandemic. Thanks to years of big government policies, the cost of healthcare, and thus health insurance, has gone through the roof. Americans have left with bigger bills and fewer choices, and that isn’t right. Jerry adamantly supports protecting pre-existing conditions, but also embraces utilizing proven free-market principles in order to drive healthcare prices down and provide American families with more options and greater customization of their health insurance coverage.