January 21st, 2022


Warrenville, IL. – Today, Illinois music teacher, small business owner, husband and father, Jerry Evans declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination to represent Illinois’ newly-drawn 11th Congressional District. Evans anticipates running against incumbent Representative Bill Foster (D-IL-11).

“I am running for US Congress because I believe that leadership starts with service, integrity, and is fueled by compassion. For over twenty years, I have had the privilege of serving my community as an educator, and empowering young people to experience their God-given potential,” Evans writes. “The past 2 years of government overreach has not only hurt the children I teach, but my family, and the fifteen families of those I employ, as shutdowns and restrictions threatened my business and their jobs.

“Bill Foster, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden have made the lives of Americans worse by pursuing far-left policies that restrict freedom, drive up inflation, and overlook the needs of children, the poor – and the everyday American. I am running for US Congress in order to restore freedom, economic and educational opportunity, support safety in our communities, and stand for the fundamental rights of parents, in the United States of America,” concludes Evans.

Under the new lines, Illinois’ 11th Congressional District is largely suburban and rural – and suburban voters have been moving back towards Republicans since 2021. Many strategists predict a suburban rebound for Republican candidates in the area, especially amid what many predict will be a conservative movement election due to President Biden’s growing unpopularity.