Jerry Evans is not a politician. He is a Christian, political outsider, and small-business owner who knows what it means to sign the front and back of a paycheck. His business, a school of music in the Chicago suburbs, began as a one-man shop. Since then, it has grown exponentially, now instructing nearly 300 students and supporting 15 families in our community.

But, like many others, Jerry’s business was negatively affected by COVID-19 restrictions. Even now, during what should be a historic recovery, American families are beset by economic stagnation and massive inflation. In other words, prices are up, wages are down, and our economy is going nowhere.

Jerry knows Americans deserve better. He understands that the best way to create economic growth is to promote free market policies. To that end, he supports cutting burdensome red tape, curbing inflation, making strategic cuts to wasteful federal spending in order to balance the budget, and also supports a balanced budget Constitutional Amendment. By embracing pro-growth policies rooted in sound economic principles, our economy will not just return, but reach new, even greater heights. And through these policies, we can rescue the American Dream from being crushed beneath a mountain of reckless federal spending.