Jerry understands that parents should have the final say in deciding their children’s education – not the government. Jerry Evans is an educator of 20 years. He has taught and invested in the lives of children and adults of all ages to love and play music across a variety of instruments. But in recent years, he has watched the passion in his students’ eyes fade away as heavy-handed and one size fits all COVID-19 restrictions made their education harder than ever before. America’s children deserve better than a childhood characterized by restriction, isolation, depression, and burnout.  Jerry is running to give them the freedom and opportunity they need to grow into successful men and women.

Even with our children back in school, instead of teaching valuable knowledge and skills such as math, reading, or art, our children are being subjected to liberal indoctrination. From being taught outright propaganda, such as Critical Race Theory, to being forced to read through pornographic materials at a young age, our education system is failing our children. Jerry is running to put a stop to it.

Unfortunately, American education has been falling behind other countries’ for years. That’s why Jerry strongly supports giving parents greater control over their children’s education by providing them additional options through school choice, as well as reforming our education system. He believes children should be taught “how” to think, not “what” to think.